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Are you looking for a place to escape from boredom, relax and enjoy the healthy lifestyle of the countryside? LA CASA DEL RELOJ, on the stretch of El Camino de Santiago that goes across el Bierzo region, is a perfect option.

Go back to tradition and the magic of the past: an idyllic place where phones don´t ring, TV does not bother and storks make their nests in the chimney.

You will find the country house in Molinaseca, right on the border of El camino de Santiago, a few kilometres away from las Médulas (ancient roman gold mines) and not far from the Herrería de Compludo.

LA CASA DEL RELOJ is located beside Casa de las Torres, in Molinaseca (Ponferrada), right on the 50 kilometre boundary marker of the old road from Astorga to Ponferrada.


Travesia Manuel Fraga Iribarne 6

24413  Molinaseca

Besides the big stone pavement room, with two central chimneys and a small kitchen where you can cook whatever you want, there are 8 rooms (all of them on suite), you can choose between two singular beds or a double bed. There are also some extra beds available